Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Pictures From Birmingham Show.

In some way it was a dog show:) A lot of dogs of all colors, sizes and breeds, in dog clothes, hats, necklaces, strollers and more...
But somehow they did not mess around. The street was very wide( I love new location) and there was space for everyone.

It was a pleasure to see my faithful Michigan customers/collectors after a long fall-winter-spring break. I was very happy to see my "Dream" in very interesting and unusual framing with suede background. Thank you, Ann, for bringing it!

We had our Friday lunch and Sunday breakfast in absolutely wonderful and very unique
Cafe Muse in Royal Oaks. The menu is very European style, and reminds me my native city Riga very much. David and Greg, owners of the Cafe Muse, are collectors of my etchings. We found each other:)
Awesome grilled cheese sandwich + beet salad from Cafe Muse.

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