Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Etching and New Birds.

Today I have something new to show you. This new etching does not have a name yet. It is bigger variation of my older small etching of flying owl - "Wings of Night". The new one is really big: 2 plates for wings and 3rd plate for owl body. Wing plate is 18"x24". This work took very long time. I finished first wing before Xmas. At the end of February I finished the second wing, and now I have all 3 plates etched and printed. Some pictures of the process:
3rd plate in progress

wing #1 in progress

plates in acid bath
first trial proof printed
trial proof of the wing ( I did not make photo of the second wing)
I will try to show this etching (still a lot of work there) at upcoming Art Birmingham Festival this weekend.

New visitors on my feeder: rosebreasted grosebeak - boy

...and very sweet rosebreasted grosebeak girl.

Oreole arrived some days ago.

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Marzie said...

This owl triptych is so amazing. I'm still trying to figure out where I could put it in my house. I'd love to get one...