Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trial Proof.

My new etching "Book of Birds". I will show it in Pensacola, FL, next week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

In the Studio.

                                          Details of my new etching in progress.

My Solo Exhibit in Owens College, Toledo, OH.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bethesda Row Arts Festival.

This weekend I am in Bethesda, Maryland at

October 16 - 17, 2010.

Saturday, October 16th from 11am – 6pm

Sunday, October 17th from 11am – 5pm

My booth is #E-6 On Elm&Woodmont.

Image: Ex libris (etching/drypoint) I made for Wouter Van Gysel in 2001.
The theme for this ex libris was "Invitation to the Voyage"
- poem by Charles Baudelaire.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hermes, the Eastern Screech Owl
 Hermes, my adopted owl.

"Hermes, an eastern screech owl, was brought to Carolina Raptor Center in December of 2004 in his hatching year. She came to us with a fractured right humerus, most likely the result of a window collision. She was named for one of the messenger owls in the Harry Potter series. Hermes is an education bird, participating in on-site presentations, school programs and off-site exhibits". - via Carolina Raptor Center website.

Carolina Raptor Center.

Today we visited Carolina Raptor Center for the rehabilitation and care of injured and orphaned hawks, owls, eagles, and vultures.
There are more than 100 birds that live permanently at the center: birds on the public display trail and birds that travel to exhibits and education programs.Would you like to name a bird or to release a raptor ? Also you can adopt a bird. Become a parent and support the care and feeding of Carolina Raptor Center's resident raptors. Makes a great gift, too! There are many ways how to support the Center.
This is Russel, the Red-tailed Hawk, I met her today and made this photo.
Russell came to Carolina Raptor Center in March, 2004. She had been found on the side of the road, with an eye injury that left her blind in her right eye. She was most likely hit by a car, the most common cause of injury for raptors at Carolina Raptor Center. When Russell came to Carolina Raptor Center, we assumed that she was a boy because in the raptor world, males are usually smaller than females by about 1/3 and Russell was very small. So she received a boy’s name, but through recent DNA testing we have discovered that Russell is actually a girl. Russell is a red-tailed hawk, but when she first came to Carolina Raptor Center she did not have a red tail. Her brown tail marked her as a juvenile bird. She had hatched the previous spring. The majority of young raptors do not survive through their first winter, and Russell would have been one of the many unlucky ones if someone had not found her and brought her to our rehabilitation center. We were not able to repair the damage to her eye, but now she is living the life of a raptor ambassador at Carolina Raptor Center. -
 info via Carolina Raptor Center website

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bayou City Art Festival.

‎39th Annual Bayou City Art Festival Downtown

in Houston, TX is this weekend.
Dates: October 9 - 10, 2010
Times: Open 10 AM. - 8 PM Saturday and 10 AM - 6 PM Sunday
My booth#S16 - Sam Houston Park
...Location: 901 Bagby - In front of City Hall and around Hermann Square on the streets of Walker, Bagby and McKinney, plus Sam Houston Park and Houston Downtown Library Plaza.
Images: beautiful local flower and set-up for the show today(Friday).

Monday, October 4, 2010