Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Olympic National Park.


After Bellevue show we made a short trip to Olympic National Park. We took ferry from Edmonds to Kingston and then drove to Hoh Rain Forest through Port Angeles and Forks. This forest is magical, it reminds me forests from Russian Fairy tales where Baba Yaga lives.  Many of the big trees are over 2 hundred feet tall, their tops are in an upper atmosphere . Unlike tropical rain forest this forest is coniferous: Sitka spruce with sharp needles , Western hemlock with drooping top, Douglas-fir with thick deeply furrowed bark. Lush beards of hanging mosses are attached to boughs but feed only on air and light.

Puget Sound.

Driving on water:)

The temperate rain forest is dominated by Sitka spruce.

High rainfall, fog and ocean moderated temperatures
create optimum growing conditions for these monarchs.
This is one of the largest Sitka spruce in USA:
height over 270 feet, diameter over 12.5 feet, age over 500 years.

Sitka spruce.

Hoh Rain Forest.

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Michelle Schneider said...

absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing.