Monday, November 22, 2010

Strong Water.


Project „STRONG WATER” retains and further develops open workshop idea by “Etching guild” enforcing enlightening master class program in “LMS experimental etching workshop” and organizing international exhibitions.
The emphasis is on copperplate printing technique with unrepeatable charm – etching – being one of the most sounding graphic techniques, which also is that conjunctive part in the sea of variously creative expressions.
Each etching master has his own experience with “strong water” (Aqua forte, which in translation from Italian language means “strong water”) – nitric acid with its formula HNO3. As a result of the impact from acid, visualization – cliché of the idea is being materialized. The heading “Strong water” for the authors of the exhibition in the same time serves as a source of creativity and inspiration.
Water is an unalienable component in our lives, delicate substance with reflections of memories in its multi-shaped molecular formulas. It possesses the ability to make diametrically opposed changes: to be the source of life strength or transform into a destructive weapon, reshaping into an inimical element.
Between a number of various graphic techniques, etching stands out with its all working process being a result of hand work (even printing is being carried out by the author), which grants the print with status of a unique artistic style – master graphic.
Outstanding graphic artists will be taking part in the exhibition – old masters and new artists - Latvian artists and guests from USA, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Netherlands, Montenegro, Spain and other countries around the world.
Project is being supported by VKKF, shopping center ORIGO, Lithuanian embassy, gallery “Antonija”, dare2be, Sia Eirovīns, Eko investors AS, LMS, SIA BTS projects, SIA KVILLER.

Project guardian
“ETCHING GUILD” guild master Nele Zirnīte

Exhibit opened on November, 16. It will run through December, 16 in gallery Antonija in Riga, Latvia.
I am exhibiting there 2 pieces: "The Union of Air and Water" and "Palmistry". Both are etching/aquatint/chine colle.

The Union of Air and Water


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