Thursday, August 20, 2009

Craters of the Moon.

Our next stop was in 
Craters of the Moon.  Last year we camped in Craters, but this year we just stopped there for a day because of our schedule. I love this place. This is one of the strangest and most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen.  

Limber pine - the dominant tree in Craters. 
The scientific name is Pinus flexilis, referring to the flexible small branches. 
You can tie limber pine branches into a knot.

                                                                         Rock wren.

     Baby rock wren.

                                                Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel(?).

                                                                 Blazing Star flowers. 
The ability to grow in this harsh environment means overcoming a lack of moisture, meager soil, and surface temperatures that exceed 150 degrees F.

                                                                          Lava fields.

                                                  Limber pine sketch and a piece of lava.

                                    Just another sketch. 
                                           Limber pine (my favourite) again.

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