Monday, January 19, 2009


I spent 2 weeks in South Florida doing art shows around Miami - Las Olas Art Fair and Beaux Art Festival, where is one of the more beautiful tropical settings for an art show.
Behind my booth, on small water, were herons, ibises, ducks... one mother-duck had 17 (!!!) ducklings... and some undefined birds reminding a purple gallinule, but in different colors.

Also I discovered amazing botanical garden there:
Don't miss it when you are in Miami.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Marina - I met you last year at the art show on the University of Miami campus. I love your fantastical, detailed renderings born of nature and your imagination. I am very happy with the items I purchased (Ex-Libris 'Theater' for my aunt and '4 Seasons' for me). Glad to see your art is finding a wider and wider audience! Best regards, Janina de Guzman